Extension Poles: The Ultimate Window Cleaning Tool

Have you ever had trouble cleaning windows because they were too high for you to reach? Or you may have had to do dangerous things like balance on ladders to get the job done.

Well, don't worry, fellow window cleaners.

I have the answer to all your problems: extension poles.

These helpful tools not only make it easy to clean places that are hard to get to, but they are also safer than climbing up on unstable surfaces.

So, if you're ready to step up your window cleaning game, keep reading to find out all about the benefits of extension poles and how they can change the way you clean.

Extension Poles for Window Cleaning

Traditional Extension Poles

Traditional extension poles are used in homes, on routes, or in storefronts to reach higher places without using ladders.

Top brands like Garelick, Unger, Ettore, Sorbo, Pulex, Tucker, and many more make them.

Carbon fiber is the most popular material for traditional extension poles because it is both light and strong.

Aluminum is also often used because it is strong and less likely to get broken.

Water-Fed Extension Poles

Window cleaners need water-fed extension poles to reach new heights.

These poles are used to clean windows from the ground up to six stories and above, all from the safety of the ground.

They are strong because they are made of aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

Water-fed extension poles have a brush that connects to a pure water system and pumps water out of the brush to clean windows.

Using Extension Poles

Traditional window cleaning tools like squeegees, scrapers, and any other window cleaning accessories can be attached to extension poles.

The tip of the pole and the section to which it is attached, called section one, are where the pole starts.

After that comes section two, then section three, and so on all the way down.

The first collar, which is connected to the second section, is often called the small collar or the number two collar.

Internal locking poles have the locking mechanism inside the pole, so there are no collars on the pole.

So, the outside of the pole is smooth and easy to grip.

There are also waterfed poles that are made of strong materials like aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

The brush on these poles is connected to a system for clean water and pumps water out of the brush.

Choosing the Best Extension Pole

Consider the length, material, locking system, compatibility, and price when looking for the best extension pole for cleaning windows.

Aluminum and fiberglass are the best choices for extension poles used to clean windows.

Window cleaners often choose the Ettore REA-C-H Extension Pole or the Garelick Extension Pole.

The Eazer Squeegee Window Cleaner 2 in 1 Rotatable Window Cleaning Tool Kit with Extension Pole is also a useful and versatile tool for cleaning windows and other surfaces.

Extension poles are important for cleaning windows because they let people reach high windows or windows that are hard to reach with a ladder.

Traditional extension poles and extension poles that are fed by water are the two main kinds.

Think about the length, material, locking mechanism, compatibility, and price when choosing the best extension pole for your needs.

With the right extension pole, you can clean windows from the ground while staying safe and getting the job done well.

Choosing and Using Extension Poles

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Extension Pole

Length: The length of the pole you'll need depends on how high your windows are.

For windows on the ground floor, poles that are 8 feet or less are great.

For windows on the second floor, you need poles that are longer than 8 feet.

Extension poles can be anywhere from 6 feet to 24 feet long.

Extension poles can be made from carbon fiber, fiberglass, or aluminum.

Aluminum poles are cheap and light, but they are easy to bend or break.

Fiberglass poles are stronger and can hold more weight than aluminum poles, but they are also heavier.

The most expensive poles are made of carbon fiber, but they are also the lightest and strongest.

Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism keeps the pole in place and keeps it from collapsing while it's being used.

Look for a pole that has a locking system that is easy to use and keeps the pole in place.

Compatibility: Make sure the pole you choose will work with the tools you want to use, like squeegees and washer sleeves.

Some poles have tips that can be used with almost any tool, while others need specific attachments.

Price: Depending on how long they are and what they are made of, extension poles can cost anywhere from $20 to $200. Pick a pole that fits your needs and your budget.

Benefits of Using an Extension Pole for Window Cleaning

Extension poles save time and are more efficient than traditional window cleaning tools, especially for cleaning windows and glass on the inside of a building.

This is because you don't have to move furniture or put yourself in awkward positions to reach hard-to-reach areas.

Flexibility and Rigidity: Extension poles give cleaning professionals the flexibility and rigidity they need to do their jobs without having to move furniture or get in awkward positions to reach hard-to-reach places.

Safety: Extension poles get rid of the need for ladders and lifts, which pose a constant risk of falling for window cleaners.

They also let cleaners reach up to 5 stories, which reduces the number of ways they could fall without affecting how clean the windows are.

Transportation: Extension poles are less bulky and easier to move to and from the job site. They are also safer in a big way.

Residential Work: Extension poles can be very helpful for residential work because they make it easy and quick for the cleaner to get to hard-to-reach or high-up places.

Extension poles are modular, which means that the sections stack on top of each other and the operator only carries the length of pole they need.

This makes it easier to clean windows at ground level and only makes the pole heavier when it needs to be.

Using Scrub Brushes with Extension Poles for Effective Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, extension poles are a must-have tool for reaching high and hard-to-reach areas.

However, to achieve a thorough clean, you need to pair your extension pole with the right scrub brush.

Scrub brushes come in different shapes and sizes, and they are designed to tackle different types of dirt and grime.

For instance, a soft-bristled brush is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces like glass, while a stiff-bristled brush is perfect for removing stubborn stains and dirt.

When choosing a scrub brush, consider the type of surface you are cleaning and the level of dirt or grime you need to remove.

With the right scrub brush and extension pole, you can achieve a sparkling clean window without breaking a sweat.

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Attaching and Maintaining Extension Poles

Attaching a Squeegee or Other Window Cleaning Tool to an Extension Pole

Most extension poles have a thread that most window cleaning tools can fit into.

Here's how to attach a squeegee or other tool for cleaning windows to an extension pole:

  • Choose an extension pole with a universal thread that can fit most window cleaning tools.
  • Select a squeegee or other window cleaning tool that has a hole in the handle.
  • Insert the threaded end of the extension pole into the hole in the handle of the squeegee or other window cleaning tool.
  • Twist the extension pole clockwise until it is securely attached to the squeegee or other window cleaning tool.

Before using the squeegee or another window cleaning tool, it is very important to make sure that it is securely attached to the extension pole.

This will stop the tool from falling off the pole and breaking or hurting someone.

Maintaining and Storing an Extension Pole

It is important to keep an extension pole clean and dry if you want to use it for a long time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Before storing the extension pole, wipe it down with a clean cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  • If the extension pole is wet, allow it to dry completely before storing it. Storing a wet extension pole can cause rust and other damage over time.
  • When storing the extension pole, coil it neatly and secure it with a Velcro strap or tie. The over-under coil method is recommended as it won't damage the cord and leaves it ready to use next time.
  • The over-under coil method involves alternating the direction of the coil each time, which helps to prevent kinks and twists in the cord.
  • The coiled extension pole can be hung on a utility hook or stored in a tool or gig bag.

Inspecting an Extension Pole

Also, you should check the extension pole often for signs of damage or wear.

If the extension pole is broken, it needs to be fixed or thrown away before it can be used again.

If you take care of and store an extension pole correctly, it will last longer and be safer to use for years to come.

Extension poles are useful for cleaning windows because they let you reach high windows without having to use a ladder.

By following the steps in this article, you can attach a squeegee or other window cleaning tool to an extension pole, keep it in good shape, and check it often for signs of damage or wear.

If you take good care of your extension pole, it can last for a long time and help you keep your windows clean.

Safety and Troubleshooting with Extension Poles

Using Extension Poles for Window Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

Cleaning windows can be hard, especially if they are high up and hard to reach.

This is a good time to use extension poles.

They make it easy and safe to clean windows without using ladders or scaffolding.

But it's important to remember some safety tips to keep yourself from getting hurt.

Using the Extension Pole

When cleaning windows with an extension pole, it's important to use both sides of the body to spread the weight evenly and lower the chance of straining or hurting yourself.

It's also important to choose an extension pole that is the right weight for the job.

A heavier pole can be harder to handle and can make you tired or sore.

The extension pole can also be held securely by using a grip that doesn't slip.

Choosing the Right Equipment

When you use an extension pole to clean windows, you need to make sure you have the right tools.

A window squeegee with a long extension pole can be a good choice, but it's important to choose one that is sturdy and well-balanced.

Some window squeegees have threads in the handle that let them be used with poles that are the same length.

When looking for an extension pole, it's important to think about the total weight and pick one that's right for the job.

Lastly, it's important to follow the instructions from the manufacturer when using the extension pole and window cleaning tools to make sure they work well and are safe to use.

Common Issues and Solutions

When you use an extension pole to clean windows, you might run into a few common problems.

If you put too much weight on the cleaning tool, it can make the pole top-heavy and hard to control at long lengths.

Make sure the cleaning tool is securely attached to the pole and don't put too much weight on the pole.

Less force on the cleaning tool gets the job done better and keeps the tool and the window from getting broken.

Starting at the bottom of the area to be cleaned and moving up can make it easier to use the pole and reduce changes in the length of the pole extension.

When moving a fully extended pole, it is best to hold the middle extension near the top, where the lower pole and middle extension meet.

This will help you control the pole and put less stress on the upper extensions.

At full length, it's important to hold the center pole as well as the bottom pole, especially when moving the pole or cleaning it, so you can have better control and don't put too much stress on the poles.

Extending the Pole

To extend a high reach extendable pole, first unhook the orange clasp at the top, then pull the first aluminum section out.

There will be more than one orange clasp on poles that are longer.

Once the high reach pole is at the length you want, make sure all of the clasps are in the "lock" position.

If you have trouble with an extension pole, you should check it for damage or wear and replace any worn or broken parts before you use it again.

In the end, using an extension pole to clean windows that are high up and hard to reach can be a safe and effective way to get the job done.

By following these tips and tricks, you can make sure to use the extension pole safely and effectively and get a perfectly clean window.

Extension Poles for Other Cleaning Tasks

Attaching Traditional Tools

One of the best things about extension poles is that you can use them to attach cleaning tools like squeegees, scrapers, and other accessories.

This means that the tools you use to clean windows can also be used to clean other things.

For example, you can attach a scrubber to the extension pole and use it to clean walls or ceilings.

Different Materials

Extension poles can be made of carbon fiber, aluminum, or fiberglass, among other things.

Each type of material has its own pros and cons.

Carbon fiber is strong and doesn't weigh much, but it can be pricey.

Aluminum is also cheap and light, but it might not last as long as carbon fiber.

Fiberglass is a good choice for cleaning jobs that require a lot of work, but it can be heavy and hard to move around.

Transportation and Safety

Ladders are harder to move to and from a job site than extension poles.

They take up less space and are easy to store in a car.

Extension poles are also safer than ladders, especially when working on high-rise buildings.

When you use an extension pole, you don't have to worry about falling off a ladder and hurting yourself.

Other Cleaning Tasks

Extension poles can be used for more than just cleaning windows.

They can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

For example, you can do more than just clean windows with the Ettore telescoping threaded extension pole.

Amazon sells a window squeegee cleaner that comes with a 55-inch thickened extension pole.

For cleaning, you can use extension poles instead of ladders, but it depends on the window and the job.

Some windows can be cleaned with an extension pole, but others need to be cleaned with a ladder.

Environmentally-Friendly Extension Pole Options

Telescoping Poles

Window cleaners often use telescoping poles because they can be both flexible and rigid.

They are made up of different parts that can be added to or taken away to change the height.

When the pole is fully extended, locking mechanisms hold the sections together and keep the pole from moving.

One good thing about telescoping poles is that they are light and easy to move around.

They are also adjustable, so you don't have to switch to a different tool to clean windows at different heights.

Also, telescoping poles are usually made of strong materials like aluminum or fiberglass, so they last a long time and don't break easily.

Water Fed Poles

Another type of extension pole that is often used to clean windows is one that is fed with water.

They are made to be used with a water filtration system that cleans the water before it is used to clean the windows.

The water is then pumped up the pole, and a brush attachment sprays it on the window.

One good thing about water-fed poles is that they let you clean windows from the ground, where it's safer.

This is especially important when cleaning windows on tall buildings, where using a ladder or other equipment can be dangerous.

Window cleaners can use water-fed poles to clean windows up to six stories high.

This makes them a very useful tool.

Eco-Friendly Options

Even though there may not be a lot of information about eco-friendly or sustainable extension poles, you can use eco-friendly cleaning products with extension poles.

Shoppers can look for products like those in the Safer Choice and Design for the Environment databases that were made with the environment in mind.

These databases have information on thousands of everyday items that meet EPA standards.

Every professional window cleaner needs to have extension poles.

Telescoping poles give you both flexibility and rigidity, and water-fed poles let you clean windows without having to leave the ground.

Even though there may not be a lot of eco-friendly options for extension poles, you can use eco-friendly cleaning products with them.

By using these tools and supplies, you can make sure that your window cleaning business works well and doesn't hurt the environment.

Note: Please keep in mind that the estimate in this article is based on information available when it was written.

It's just for informational purposes and shouldn't be taken as a promise of how much things will cost.

Prices, rates, and fees can change because of things like market changes, changes in regional costs, inflation, and other unforeseen circumstances.


In the end, extension poles are a must-have tool for anyone who likes to clean windows.

They have many benefits, such as making things safer, more efficient, and more flexible.

If you have the right extension pole, you can easily clean even the highest and hardest-to-reach windows.

Extension poles are useful, but they also give you a new way to look at the art of window cleaning.

They let you see the world from a different angle and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings in a new way.

This is a very valuable gift in a world where we often rush through our daily tasks without stopping to enjoy the little things.

Take a moment to enjoy the view the next time you're on a ladder, on a balcony, or even just looking out your own window.

And remember that with the right extension pole, you can always reach a little higher, see a little further, and see the world in a whole new way.

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